A Cove? More Like A Valley If You Ask Me.

If you’ve heard about the smoky mountains then there is a good chance that you have heard about Cades Cove. This isolated valley can be found in the Tennessee part of the Smoky mountains and is a valley with a lot of history. It is certainly one of the most popular places in the smoky mountains as it attracts over two million visitors per year and you can certainly see why as this place has a lot going for it. Cades Cove was once called Kate’s Cove named after an Indian chief’s wife. This was a place where the Cherokee would go to hunt because of it extensive wildlife. Its also the reason why Some Europeans would make it their home of the time being. This is when they build farms which would become a key part of Cades Cove for many years. But today although it is still known for its wildlife the people have decided that it is better to preserve this place rather than hunt.

This is a place with such a picturesque view to it you can’t help but get your camera out and try to become the next top photographer. There you can get great scenic mountain views of the Gregory Balds. It is called Gregory Balds, because mossy grass that grows on the mountain rather than the forest setting that usual does.

Cades Cove is listed as National Historic district for over 30 years, this is because there are quite a few buildings that you see have been preserved and were constructed in the past centuries. These range from cabins, churches, houses, places and mills. In total there are twelve buildings that have stood the test of time that visitors can see.

It is a place known for its wildlife so there is no doubt that you will get a chance to see the wildlife that lives in Cades Cove. There have been a few spotting of Black Bears and more recently more spotting of deer For Birdwatchers it can be a paradise as there are many different types that you can tick off your list such as the Pilate Woodpecker, yellow warbler, indigo bunting, Golden eagle and the red-tailed hawk. There are many other types of species that can be seen here that have been natives to this area for many years such as the Elk and the woodchucks. Cades Cove is certainly a place for the animal lover but please be aware that it is still their habitat so respect the wilderness

The other activities to do in Cades Cove, if you want to explore but don’t feel like hiking or want to use your legs then at the entrance there is a riding stable that can be found at the entrance of Cades Cove. Here you can choose to ride by horseback or taken by carriage, or if you are in a large group a motorised hay ride. It is only open during through the months of Aprils to October. If you do want to use your legs but want a easier means of transport then you can hire a bike and take a bicycling tour from the Cades Cove Camp ground They also supply helmets if you forget yours or don’t have one as you have to wear one by law. The bikes can only be ridden on the loop road; some may find it a bit too much though as this is an 11 mile road although they can cut across the Sparks and Hyatt Lane which will shorten the journey but takes away the important parts of the ride to be on the lookout for.

There many more other things that can be done such as hiking, camping to even getting married. Which is why you see a lot of visitors from the many smoky mountains rentals come here as it is a place that caters for you naturally.

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