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It’s true that one of the most important parts of picking out the name of a website is checking to see who has already snagged a similar URL and then making the proper adjustments accordingly. But for those who are concerned about figuring out ways to get more people to visit their chosen websites, there’s more to the game than simply picking a great name. It’s also about figuring out what can help direct those using search engines to the proper page, rather than simply ending up at a competitor’s location and forgetting to keep searching for the page that they originally wanted.


While the world of SEO content is far different from the world of picking out domain names, it’s helpful to think of a few different common-sense functions of the search engine and the ways that properly selecting a URL could potentially lead to more of the right business. For one, those businesses that stick with particularly vague names will find that it’s sometimes a lot more trying to find one’s page at the top of the Google search results, considering the fact that there are likely dozens, if not hundreds, of bars and restaurants boasting the same name. And while it might be frustrating for owners of anything to try the technique of bumping up the proper pages in Google, the fact is that a few different tweaks to one’s URL choosing can result in suddenly being able to connect with success.


One idea is to add on a bit of information to the URL, even if it’s not included in the actual name. While it is important for domain names to be reflective of the actual title for the business that they represent, it’s equally important to net the proper traffic. This might mean tacking on something that designates a title that isn’t particularly specific (such as “The Loft” or “Rick’s”). It could be adding a location, a neighborhood, or something else brief and helpful that won’t be too difficult for potential patrons to remember. When it comes to adding the right information, it is also helpful to consider what someone might be searching for on Google while looking for a particular band, restaurant, club, or bar. For those whose bands are based in a particular city and well known for it, it makes perfect sense to add on “NYC” or “Chicago” to the domain name, as it might make it easier to get established and build the fan base.


While some might assume that the only way to drive up traffic from search engines like Google is to engage in the world of picking and choosing just the right words for the actual content of the website, the fact is that having a great domain name can do wonders, too, especially if it’s close to what someone might type into a search engine while looking for one’s online presence. As long as those in charge of websites don’t get overzealous with the world of additional words on a URL, adding a bit of distinguishing information can really make a positive difference for those who want a bit more traffic.

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