Generating your domain identify point to your Google Internet site

Do you have a domain identify (e.g.,, but need to have to set items up so that men and women can use it to pay a visit to your website? This will aid. From h…
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  1. Sherwin Mansourbeigi

    mine still says “Sherwin724″

  2. Yucheng Lu

    You may first verify your domain on Google Apps.

  3. Alexander Rios
  4. Alexander Rios
  5. Libreria Ven y Lee

    Gracias por el tutorial

  6. alexitogr

    Even when is out of date, if gives you an idea how needs to be done. Thank

  7. eat38

    Out of date please update!

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  10. gordanabcn

    Thank you very much! This was so much easier than to read all those
    instructions that I didn’t even understand! Keep up the good work!!!

  11. Casey Finch

    Thanks man! I missed one step but your video helped me figure things out.
    Appreciate it.

  12. Tommy Dault

    Great! Thank you.

  13. MRWHITE3535

    great thanks

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    So good.

  17. MrZaeth

    Explained well. Thanks!

  18. Georgia S

    God Bless you! Computer Goddess wannabes across the world thank you!

  19. Man

    Great Tutorial. Thanks Man!

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  21. Robert Wadkins

    very helpful

  22. ResQstraps

    Can you help me, it appears they have changed some of the setup in google
    apps. I can not find the web address to update. I updated the info in
    godaddy for my site briannasbutterflies . org and the site now points to a
    google 404 error page rather than the godaddy temp page so I think I did
    the godaddy portion correctly, but I can not get it to actually find the
    site in my google apps sites.

  23. studentnumber00

    Good instructions, thanks

  24. Bartolo Ansaldi

    Unfortunately, this is not longer possible, as Google suppressed this

  25. Gavin Engel

    Extremely useful. Thanks for your advice here.

  26. Gavin Engel

    By the way, Dotomator is another great tool for doing mass domain
    availability testing.

  27. Gena Horiatis

    This is an amazing thing to know. Thanks – gonna give it a try.

  28. TopDisneyMovies

    This is exactly what I did to pick my domain name. Thanks!

  29. Michael Jelacic

    KEYWORD SEARCH AWESOME Thanks man Just needed that also.. Very cool!! Time
    to make the donuts… -mj2012

  30. Michael Jelacic

    This is awesome thanks man. I do not know why my comment did not stick but
    i was just saying how bad I needed this right now i am getting my URL
    finally.. Sweet!!