Google I/O 2014 – Who cares about new domain names? We do.

Speaker(s): Ben Fried, Corey Goldfeder, Kripa Krishnan Description: The first new generic top-level domains are coming online, from .photography to .みんな. Who…
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10 Responses to Google I/O 2014 – Who cares about new domain names? We do.

  1. Chris McClellan

    The good part: 23:28

  2. J. roto

    Who cares about new domain names? You should…

    Pretty cool that +Google+ gave out free domain names as part of this
    discussion at #GoogleIO2014

    Some great terms also discussed in this video about domains themselves.

    Google I/O 2014 – Who cares about new domain names? We do.

  3. Robert Fernandez

    They are full o s…*
    The day they change to google.hype I believe what they say

  4. Ivan Yudhi

    At the end of the presentation it was mentioned that all I/O attendees will
    get an email regarding free Google Domain on July 9th. Any updates on that?
    Have anyone received theirs? +Ben Fried +Corey Goldfeder 

  5. Leif Sikorski

    Ein schöner Talk über die neuen TLDs, deren Validierung und Googles Domain

  6. SpiderHack

    I agree, adding more gTLDs is only a money grab by ICANN

    That being said, It’ll be interesting what GOOG and other Registers do, I’m
    hopeful that their service will make it actually useful. 

  7. Dave Robinson

    New top-level domains are coming. Who knew they were so complicated in
    terms of implementation, security, and presentation?

    Also interesting that Google is stepping in to become a registry and a

    This #io14 talk is a great intro to the subject.

  8. Jan Hendrik Dithmar

    Google’s view on (new) domains.

  9. Eugénie CHAUMONT
  10. Alejandro Jack

    Kripa Krishnan you talk too fast. If you don’t have time select the content
    better a present less of it. But it annoying to hear someone speaking that
    fast it looks as you and in a hurry and you want to leave. Take it as
    constructive criticism because i think you are very knowledgeable of your