Importance of domain names and its registration

Domain names are the famous web addresses (i.e. that web browsers use to locate a specific website. In reality it is recommendation to a particular IP (Internet Protocol) address (it is an address servers use to locate each other) and we utilize them for specific reason. Web address is more comprehensive and simpler to recall than an IP addresses which are represented in a group of numbers (i.e. 125.418.27.1)

Currently there are hundreds of registrars you can use. You can visit the Inter NIC (http://www. website to check the complete lists of authorize domain name registrars. Usually you go to the website you select you can use the domain name examine tool to confirm that the domain name you are purchasing is not taken yet. If it is accessible you can go on with the registration.

You can choose the time period of the ownership which is normally from 1 year up to 10 years and you can extend it just before it expires so you don’t have to lose it. If you are not certain about the future of your website 1 or 2 years should be excellent and then you can just extend the registration if your website is doing good. At the moment a lot registrars give you choice of having your domain name renewed spontaneously so you don’t have to be anxious about it.

You should choose whether you will employ a public or private registration; still several registrars may not present these choices. Public registration is the one where you utilize your personal information in the domain name contact. This type of registration is more practical but is less safe than the private one merely because your particular contact is extensively and definitely available together with your address, phone numbers, and email address which would make you an easy target for email spammers and deception.

On the other hand private registration entrust you the protection, however it could cost you some additional money over some period of time. You are not exactly the owner essentially the registrar is registering your domain on your sake but you have the right to use it. In this instance the domain name has the contact information of your registrar instead than yours. Any email received to the address listed under your domain will be forwarded to you and here is where the additional expenses come in since most of the registrars will bill you extra for this service. If you are choosing private registration it is advised to closely read the service contract before you continue with the registration.

In case of public registration all you need to do is to enter your dialect contact information. The ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) records 4 types of contacts for each domain name.

1. Owner’s contact
2. Administrator’s contact
3. Tech person’s contact
4. Billing person’s contact

Now that you have completed the check out process, it may take up to 48 hours for the domain name registration to be completed. Once the registration is finalized you’ve got yourself a domain name. Then you need to set up your site, search a web host, and advertise your site to your web hosts servers.

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