Kanban Foundation – Washington DC

Kanban Foundation – Washington DC
Event on 2018-12-06 08:30:00
KF – Kanban Foundation   Are you feeling overburdened at work as a knowledge worker, wishing a miracle would help you work less and be 10 times as productive so that you could enjoy the things that life can bring about? Get the Kanban method liberating knowledge and stop the abuse! Are you a middle manager wishing to tell the truth to upper management but cannot have solid data to establish trust and make the proper decisions with your team?   If you feel compelled by these questions, then this course is meant for you.   Delivery by The Agile Agonist – A Unique Vector of Expertise Worldwide You are a middle manager, an agile coach, CxO or a top executive who wants to transmit a clear message? The Agile Agonist is a Certified Kanban Coach and offers Kanban training with working expertise in Finance/Accounting/Managerial control (MBA-CPA-CMA), Agility (CSP), Project Management (PMP) coupled with 38 years in IT (Bachelor studies & career). No other Lean/Kanban/Agile trainer in the world can offer this level of depth and understanding for either lack of expertise and/or serious academic credentials in all 6 domains. From 2016-2018, Daniel Doiron was among the top performing Accredited Kanban Trainer (AKT) with close to one hundred public classes taught for Lean Kanban University. He has received stellar KMP I & KMP II student testimonials and F4P evaluations– Fit for Purpose – from all over North America. You can see what my students felt and what they learnt at http://agileagonist.com/Student%20testimonials/ and let me assure you that knowing how you will feel before hand is a unique advantage of my delivery. The time has now come to connect with Project Managers and CPAs all over North America through the PMI REP channel offered by the Project Management Institute with a course suited to their specific needs. Who Should Attend If you use your knowledge to earn a living, you need to know certain things and take responsibility for improving the delivery of your products and services. This responsibility is through acquiring knowledge from the Kanban method. And once this is done, you will not need a budget or a permission to shine anew in your organisation. What You Will Learn Understanding the Kanban method, principles and practices Apply systems thinking to design and introduce a unique Kanban system in your work environment How to build a Kanban board Curriculum Day 1 – Overview The power of visualisation with real life examples Kanban systems in ordinary life Kanban systems absorb variability – Law of Allen-Cuneen How to Kanbanize anything: The powers of visualisation, limiting WIP and enabling Flow The 3 decoupled cadences of Service delivery Key elements of a Kanban system: commitment points, work item types, classes of service, cost of delay, explicit policies Become a one metric company! The Kanban #noObjectives Hashtags: no planning, no estimating, no scheduling, no ROI, no cross functional teams, no backlog grooming, no prioritising, no iterations, no revolutionary change, no dependency management etc. Key Kanban system indicators: lead time, cumulative flow diagram, flow efficiency etc.  Okaloa Flow Lab simulation Day 2 – Building a Kanban System The Kanban practices & principles Agile and Lean decision filters Kanban queues, buffers and bottlenecks explained Commitment, Daily Meeting & Release Management Kanban Case study using the Theory of Constraints (TOC) Building a Kanban System that you can bring to work tomorrow Both days consist largely of interactive group exercises and games. Certification  This training class is certified by the PMI REP program of the Project Management Institute. Participants receive a standard digital certificate of class completion and 14 PDUs. Upon completion of Kanban Foundation and Kanban Cadences, you become a CKP – Certified Kanban Professional – for life with no further obligations. Your student shared folders will be kept updated with the best new material! The Practical Kanban eBook from Klaus Leopold is given.  Advantages  You get pragmatic, actionable guidance you can implement in your organization next week – because it doesn't require permission, a large budget or getting others to change the way they work. Private on-site and semi-private training classes are also available, upon request.    Policies  Attendee substitutions are allowed anytime until the start of the class The organizer reserves the right to cancel classes if registrations are insufficient Refunds are provided as follows: 35 days or more, 100%; 15 days or more, 50% Visit www.agileagonist.com for more details about the Kanban method and information on a class near you!
at Embassy Suites Alexandria
1900 Diagonal Road
Alexandria, United States

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