Personal domain registration! Is it a great idea? Hell yes……..

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17 Responses to Personal domain registration! Is it a great idea? Hell yes……..

  1. percaine

    I like that our private info is protected but is it true that if you register a Private domain it doesn’t belong to you? I’ve heard that it belongs to the proxy since it’s their info that’s used when registering..

  2. sojiandtitioyenuga

    Thanks Chika for this informative video, surely helpful!

  3. Ellen Persad

    Private registration it is! Thank you so much for this valuable information. Thank you for this tutorial Chika!

  4. Chika Nwoko

    Aloha Tod, Thank you for your kind words. For the answer to your question – it depends on your domain registrar. This is possible in most cases, but it’s best to check with them. I use 1and1, and I know it’s possible to do this, as the cost of registering a doman includes private domain registration. So check with your domain registrar, I’m sure they can help you.

  5. Chika Nwoko

    Ha ha, You’re welcome. Thank you for your kind words Gabriella. I’m glad you found this tip useful……

  6. Chika Nwoko

    You’re welcome Audrey, thank you for commenting……I’m glad you like my posts..

  7. Chika Nwoko

    You’re welcome Judy, thank you for your comments…. I feel so…

  8. Chika Nwoko

    You’re welcome Jesse, A lot of people are not aware about this, and I feel they should know….

  9. Chika Nwoko

    You’re welcome Cecilia!

  10. Chika Nwoko

    Philip, You’re welome….Thank you…. I feel so too…..

  11. Philip Mutrie

    Totally a must Chika. Thank you for an intense, great value share!


    Thank youChika.

  13. Sandy Rodriguez

    Thanks Chika…must keep our private information private. You always give such great value! Thanks!

  14. Jesse Rodriguez

    Chika, a must do setup for our us when purchasing our new domains- urgent must do. Not only do you inform us to do it YOU also then provide us the reasons why we its must do.  Thanks, Chika.

  15. Judy Sovran

    I agree Chika, your domain name should always be registered privately. Thanks for this great information.

  16. Audrey Doherty Bigara

    So much knowledge Chika, thank you for your great posts.

  17. Gabriella Petrilla

    Nice GQ picture at the beginning Chika! :)) Very good tip thank you!