Q&A: Do you trust Godaddy domain registration site?

Question by George: Do you trust Godaddy domain registration site?
If you have a unique name you want to register how do you know they wont snap it up once you enter it to see if its taken or they slap on a “backorder” label on it? I have heard from friends that if they dont renew their domain names they lose them right away and purchased the next day suspiciously from someone all the time!

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Answer by Toothpaste
They won’t register it just because you enter it in the search box, that wouldn’t make business sense. If you let your domain expire, then yes it will probably be sold to someone else if it is a good one, as it will will then be listed as an expired domain however you register it. Search Google there are lists of expired domains, and for example Godaddy would probably have the first shot at it if it was registered with them. It’s just the way the world / the way business works unfortunately, it’s like natural selection.

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  1. Jake

    I have heard stories of the asking price for used names in their auction going up in price apparently if a number of queries indicate interest in the name. I don’t recall hearing about new names with no history mysteriously appearing in the auction.

    To play it safe you can use their bulk search tab, mixing in other names to throw them off.

    Aside from their endless upsell offers in the checkout process, their “investigation” fee charged for following up on any complaints about your domain seems to be the biggest down side.