Q&A: what is the different between web hosting & domain name registration?

Question by Roomi7: what is the different between web hosting & domain name registration?
When I did web hosting I found my Domain name in different company ?
– What is the different between them, why not both in one company?
– Do I have to know what company my domain are?
– and what Unlock ?
– Private/public?
– Auth code?


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Answer by digiboy
Many people prefer to get their domain and hosting from separate companies, This is not abnormal at all.

Um, you should always know what your domain is! More importantly, your domain and hosting accounts (even if they are different companies) should be registered in YOUR name (not your web master or consultant’s name.)

By “locking” your domain, you prevent it from being transferred to another domain registrar or hosting company.

Privacy prevent your personal domain registration from being publicly accessible. I recommend it to prevent some spammers from finding your email address.

Auth code is used a code generated by your domain registrar, but is only used when you are moving your domain to a new domain registrar or hosting company.

Hope this helps!

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One Response to Q&A: what is the different between web hosting & domain name registration?

  1. Soon Chai

    Hi Roomi7,

    Let me answer your questions one by one.

    – What is the difference between them, why not both in one company?

    Web hosting is a service that offers you a web space to house your website, whereas domain name is just a locator to help people find your website. That’s why you need to register a domain name in conjunction with a web hosting service.

    For example, if you’ve registered a domain name say, XYZ.com, then by simply typing XYZ.com into my web browser, I will be able to get on your website.

    Technically speaking, domain name is connected (or pointed) to your website, so whenever people enter domain name into the browser, it’ll bring them there.

    Domain name and web hosting can both be either in the same company or different companies. Let me explain with an example.

    Company A
    – domain registration $ 15
    – web hosting $ 100

    Company B
    – domain registration $ 10
    – web hosting $ 140

    In such scenario, if you want to save cost, you’ll probably register your domain name with company B and buy web hosting with company A. But because your domain name and website will be hosted on different locations, you need to go to your company B’s account and point your domain name to company A in order to “attach” your domain name with your web space.

    Some people prefer to have both the domain name and website hosted with the same company to steer clear of domain pointing, although it’s a very simple task to perform.

    – Do I have to know what company my domain are?

    Yes, you need to know to which company your domain name belongs so that you can do the necessary domain settings to suit your needs, or perform domain pointing if you were hosting your site with another company.

    – and what Unlock?

    In your domain control panel, you’ll see a lock and unlock feature for your domain name. This is for security reason. There are horror cases where bad registrars unscrupulously transfer unlocked domain names to their own servers without the prior consent of the domain owner and the original domain registrar. They can do this without having to access your domain account. That’s why you must always lock your domain name. Only when you need to transfer your domain name to another company then should you unlock it to allow the transfer. Once transfer is over, remember to lock it again.

    – Private/public?

    You can choose to keep your personal info especially your email address from the public. That means whoever tries to find your personal info using the whois tool, they will only see your domain registrar’s info rather than your own info. This is to protect you from spammers. Private registration costs you a few bucks more.

    – Auth code?

    This code will only issue to you by your domain registrar when you need to transfer your domain name to other domain or web hosting company.

    Hope that helps. Cheers 😉

    Soon Chai