What is the number one domain name registration website available?

Question by Reza: What is the greatest domain name registration site available?
I am not trying to find free domain name registration, or the cheapest ones. I really need several names of reliable plus reliable domain registration websites thus which my domain name doesn’t receive stolen someday.

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Answer by Bilgee B
I usually suggest

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6 Responses to What is the number one domain name registration website available?

  1. Dean

    I HIGHLY recommend Name.com

    It’s £9.99 to setup the domain and then £4.99 each month after that.

    I’ve recently registered Raid9.org with them. Seriously good.

    Don’t use GoDaddy, they originally supported SOPA.

  2. garrytoo

    you don’t need a service go directly to the source and you are assured of owning the name as long as you pay every two years. then you hire a host with your own domain name.

  3. Mayadan

    My advice is:
    “Juicyloli “Free Website
    You can design, edit, and publish your own website
    In addition,
    If you know html or css / js, you can also design their own
    juicyloli is free of charge.
    Google it

  4. Smelly Cat

    I prefer godaddy. Once you register, you can lock the domain name – this way it cannot be stolen. You have to unlock it before doing anything. Most registrars should have this feature – and it should be free.

    But if someone gets hold of your login credentials, there won’t be alot you can do about that.

  5. baisat

    Hi! cool!

    I suggest you visit XnYnZ.com
    who are as you expect highly reliable and trustworthy. Moreover, you would get your desired registration done along with free extras like
    Personalized Email
    Photo Album
    “For Sale” Page
    Domain Forwarding and Masking
    at very competitive price. Because I have got 5 registration done with them. And, they are also very professional at customer service.
    hope you get the best value for your money. My best wishes.

  6. santha

    I had the same question like you some weeks before. I searched a lot and caught a site for registering domains named XnYnZ.com. I trust, the site provides services with free extras at an economic rate. According to my experience the services provided by the site has been wonderful and i have a domain with the service provider