whats the cheapest legit domain registrar service?

Question by Barf: whats the cheapest legit domain registrar service?
i looked at godaddy plus dreamhost – dreamhost is cheaper

those are truly the only to real legit ones i learn of. exist others which are even cheaper? im just trying to find domain registration – not hosting.

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Answer by Asjure

These are the men I’ve switched to from GoDaddy plus PowWeb. They register plus host websites, plus we just pay for what we employ plus there’s no year agreements you need to enter into. Even when website suddenly attracted thousands of audience monthly, a monthly fee wouldn’t increase past $ 10.

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2 Responses to whats the cheapest legit domain registrar service?

  1. Osman Obor

    I suggest Godaddy because they are one of the best domain registrar. Other good domain registrars also are Namecheap and 123reg.

  2. Five Dollar

    You’re asking about domain registration only, not hosting, which seems to be confusing some of the replies.

    There are so many registrars to choose from. Which one you use will depend partly upon which domain TLD you are buying, I’ll guess that it is a .com?

    I always recommend NameCheap, they aren’t the cheapest but they have a good reputation, you’ll also get free Whois Privacy for the first year, should you wish to keep your details private from the public.

    I haven’t had good experiences with GoDaddy or 1&1, so never go near them now, not sure about DreamHost as I have no experience.

    Some of the best apparent deals aren’t so good when you come to the second year, so check this out. Namecheap could well be the cheapest legit service when all things are considered.

    If you go with NameCheap do a Google search for “namecheap coupon” +october (use the current month) and you’ll find the discount code for the month.